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What is “Medway Marches”?

“Myself and seven other people decided to plan a peaceful march in 2020 directly correlated to the outrage of seeing the murder of George Floyd. We wanted to educate the community on different perspectives regarding relations in white suburbia as well as explain how those experiences correlate to racial situations throughout the US. For speakers, we had the town administrator, chief of police, Harvard graduate educators, a Black teen currently living her experience as a Black person in a white school, and my husband who is a Black father, coach, and friend. We thought 100 would show up but we had hundreds if not a thousand. WCVB reached out and some viral posts later, our community made it clear that they wanted to continue the dialogue so we started a Facebook group (@MedwayMarches). With the help of our followers, we donated close to $8,000 to various causes relating to anti-racism work, held community talks, supported various structures within our town and we plan to still do much more.
- Angelica Crosby, founder of Medway Marches