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Medway Schools Fill Three Assistant Principal Positions Positions were vacant due to resignations, all start in July

From Top to bottom: David Passeggio is the new assistant principal at Medway High School; Lauren Marien is the new assistant principal at Medway Middle School; Christopher Terzigni is the new assistant principal at Burke-Memorial Elementary School. Source: Medway Public Schools.


By Aidan Poole

On May 27, Medway Superintendent Armand Pires announced the selection of new assistant principals for Medway High School, Medway Middle School, and Burke-Memorial Elementary School.
“They will all start in July,” said Pires, noting there is a lot of work that takes place over the summer. “It’s important that we use this summer to…get them to know Medway.”
David Passeggio will become a new assistant principal at Medway High School, filling a vacancy that has been open since Sonja Metcalf left the position in fall 2020. Passeggio said, “I look forward to…begin building positive relationships with students, parents and staff members” and said he “can’t wait to get started this summer.”


According to a press release from Medway Public Schools, he worked as the mathematics department chairperson and a teacher at Walpole High School for nearly 11 years and was a math teacher at the Watertown Public Schools for nine years” before working for Medway.
Lauren Marien will be Medway Middle School’s new assistant principal, replacing Craig Juelis who resigned last spring. She said, “A huge part of the work that I want to do in Medway is assist Principal Luizzi in facilitating a strong feeling of connection and community at Medway Middle School.”
The release also stated that Marien has worked as a sixth-grade science teacher and part-time assistant principal for a remote school within the Brookline Public Schools, and has served in the past as an assistant principal in the Worcester Public Schools.
Christopher Terzigni will become Burke-Memorial Elementary School’s new assistant principal, taking over for Brian Menna who resigned last spring. Terzigni said, “I have felt at home since the moment I stepped through the doors and I look forward to being a part of such a strong community with a commitment to learning.”
According to the release, Terzigni has worked as a principal at Beacon Charter School in Woonsocket, Rhode Island, and previously spent over six years in the Guilford County Schools in Greensboro, North Carolina, serving varied roles including principal intern and assistant principal.
Pires said Medway has hired mentors to help the assistant principals adjust, but noted that the budget will not be negatively impacted because “we anticipate each year that we’ll have to hire mentors,” meaning the costs are accounted for already. Pires said he is “pretty excited by these three individuals.”