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Students Recognized for Achievement in Chinese Writing Contest

Medway High School Principal John Murray and Mandarin teacher Alice Cheng are pleased to announce that 10 Medway High School students recently received recognition from the Chinese Language Association of Secondary-Elementary Schools (CLASS) for their entries in the 17th National CLASS Essay Contest.
Writing Chinese characters is a difficult skill that takes time to master, but by manually writing by hand, students are able to learn more and practice their character recognition, which in turn benefits their Chinese reading skills. Cheng wanted students to be recognized for this task and encouraged their entry into the CLASS competition.
In this nationwide contest, students wrote in Chinese about three items they would include in a time capsule that best represent everyday life during the COVID-19 pandemic.
In all, 20 Medway High School students participated in the competition. The 10 to win awards were:
•    Jessica Wong, 12th grade — Gold Award
•    Charles Ross, 10th grade — Gold Award
•    Muhua Wu, 11th grade — Gold Award
•    Sydney Maurer, 10th grade — Silver Award
•    Leah Coffey, 12th grade — Silver Award
•    Rebecca Chleboski, 11th grade — Silver Award
•    Molly Britton, 12th grade — Silver Award
•    Meredith Petersen, 10th grade — Honorable Mention
•    Josh Auler, 12th grade — Honorable Mention
•    John Guagenty, 12th grade — Honorable Mention
Cheng facilitated the entries of students into the competition by assisting in their preparation. Over the course of six weeks, from the beginning of September 2020 to the middle of October 2020, she worked with students on their essays and helped to submit materials to the contest.
Medway Middle School Mandarin teacher Joyce Wu assisted with the project and one of her students, Riley Ashok, also won an award.
"It's clear students put a great deal of effort and time into their submissions, and I am pleased to see them recognized for this achievement," said Principal Murray. "Congratulations to all students who entered their work and for taking on this arduous challenge."