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The Bay State has 421 vegans for every 1 million people

Massachusetts is among the best in the nation for its selection of dedicated vegan restaurants, ranking 9 out of 50. That said, it only ranks in 17th place for Google searches related to vegan keywords. 

The top 10 most “Vegan” states according to Total Shape (via Google Trends) include (in chronological order): Nevada, California, Oregon, Hawaii, New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Arizona, Massachusetts, and Michigan. 

Massachusetts quick facts according to Total Shape via Google Trends: 

• Vegan Population: 421 per 1 million people

• Vegan Restaurants: 10 per 1 million people 

• Vegan Meetup Groups: 14 per 1 million people 

• Animal Welfare Groups: 12 per 1 million people

Source: Total Shape via Google Trends