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Hats off to Medway’s Class of 2024

Medway’s Class of 2024 graduated on June 2. Photo credit: Sofia Mercier

By Sofia Mercier
Student writer
On June 2nd, Medway celebrated its newly graduated class of 2024. 
Elizabeth Kenney, class president and salutatorian, began the ceremony by recognizing Medway’s school district leaders and faculty. Later, Kenney recalled memories of waiting for the bus on her first day of school, reminding her audience of the “true beauty of what surrounds us.” 
Alexandra Montana, valedictorian, joked about her nerdiness whilst equating experiences with Star Wars prequels in her valedictory address. 
As honors essayist William George regaled the crowd with his fun personality, the June heat began to take a toll on everyone. Despite this, the ceremony continued as Class of 2024 advisors, Joan Hallett and David Perry were thanked for their contributions to the graduating class. Perry was also awarded Teacher of the Year by the Class of 2024 for his outstanding teaching, down-to-earth personality, and ability to inspire his students.
     While graduation takes Medway’s seniors across the country, notable mentions of the MHS’s future are Matthew DeRosa serving the U.S. Coast Guard; Tanner Bastarache serving the U.S. Army; and Alexandra Montana attending the University of Delaware. Hats off to Medway’s newly graduated class of 2024!