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‘Bobby’ at Medway Police Station has retired

“The rot had spread too far” 

On April 30, the Medway Police Department informed the public that the wooden ‘Bobby’ statue, that has been in front of the MPD building for nearly 20 years, had been removed due to rot. 
The following message was posted on Facebook: 
“A landmark in front of the Medway Police Station is unfortunately no more. The Bobby out front, who had commanded the attention of drivers and visitors alike, had to be removed today due to deterioration of its base making it unsafe. Our thanks to Medway resident Jesse Green for creating such a memorable addition to our station which served with distinction for many years.”
“Bobby” is an informal British term for a police officer. 
Several comments on the post asked about repairing or replacing the statue. MPD said they had considered repairing it or creating a new base, but “the rot had spread too far.” 
Town officials did note that, if funds were to be raised to replace the piece, those efforts “would have to be done by a private group operating under regulations administered by the Massachusetts Attorney General’s Office.” 

Source: Facebook @MedwayPoliceDepartment