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Millis/Medway - Local Town Pages

Millis town officials elected, proposed override fails by 8 votes

By Theresa Knapp
Millis held its annual town election on May 13. There were no contested races, but there was one write-in campaign for a seat on the Board of Health. 
The Millis Town Clerk reports that 2,101 people placed a vote in the election, which equals 30% of the town’s 6,978 registered voters. 
Town officials elected
At Local Town Pages’ deadline, the unofficial election results indicated the following winners: 
Moderator (1 year), Robert A. Cantoreggi, II
Select Board (3 yrs), Craig W. Schultze
School Committee (3 yrs), two seats, Robyn L. Briggs, Sean P. Powers 
Board of Health (3 yrs), write-in candidate Carol Hayes
Library Trustee (3 yrs), Rebecca A.F. Hughes
Planning Board (5 yrs), Michael A. Giampietro
Planning Board (3 yrs), James F. McKay
Housing Authority (5 yrs), Carole B. Mushnick
$1.4 million override failed
What was contested was a proposed $1.4 million override that failed by eight votes: 1042 in favor and 1050 opposed (and nine blanks). 
Had the override passed, it would have provided additional funding to the School Department ($1,070,767), Police Department ($180,0000 for wages), Fire Department ($95,118 for wages), and the Department of Public Works ($54,115 for wages). 
For final official election results, visit 

Millis held its Annual Town Meeting on May 7, all articles passed 
Millis Annual Town Meeting took place on May 7. All articles passed, most unanimously, but a few with some opposition. 
Town Meeting also passed the proposed $1.4 million override which paved the way for it to be included in the Town Election on May 13 (where it failed).
For the full Town Meeting warrant, visit For a summary of Town Meeting votes, visit