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Millis/Medway - Local Town Pages

Millis Safety Log

According to safety logs, between March 15 to April 15, the Millis Police Department spent the majority of its time on calls related to soliciting, general traffic control and enforcement, motor vehicle violations, alarms, lost/found property, assisting citizens, and serving warrants. Other entries of note include: 

March 16 at 7:03pm, Stoney Brook Dr., disturbance, de-escalated

March 17 at 9:52pm, Spring St., disturbance 

March 19 at 7:18pm, Millison Rd., suspicious activity 

March 20 at 5:37am, Acorn Pl., suspicious activity, transported to hospital 

March 21 at 4:14am, Acorn Pl., suspicious activity, logged

March 23 at 11:16pm, Pleasant St., disturbance 

March 23 at 11:37 p.m., Main St., motor vehicle stop, arrest made 

March 26 at 7:45am, Plain St., vehicle fire

March 26 at 12:52pm, Cedar Sq., larceny/forgery/fraud

March 29 at 1:46pm, Himelfarb St., carbon monoxide alarm, services rendered

March 30 at 3:53pm, Milliston Rd., brush fire

March 30 at 8:54pm, Dover Rd., motor vehicle stop, arrest made

March 31 at 4:49pm, Milliston Rd., structure fire

April 3 at 1:36pm, Main St., assault

April 3 at 5:23pm, Dean St., larceny/forgery/fraud

April 3 at 7:30pm, Walnut Hill Rd., suspicious activity, gone on arrival

April 4 at 1:45pm, Village St., larceny/forgery/fraud 

April 5 at 3:14pm, Park Rd., disturbance

April 6 at 8:30pm, Main St., complaint 

April 9 at 8:40pm, Plain St., vandalism

April 10 at 3:09pm, Village St. and Pine View, disturbance

April 10 at 6:34pm, Walnut Hill Rd., complaint 

April 10 at 11:10pm, Village St., suspicious activity 

April 11 at 7:06pm, Beech St., complaint

April 13 at 9:50am, Main St., larceny/forgery/fraud

April 13 at 10:54am, Orchard St., suspicious activity

April 15 at 1:37pm, Main St., disturbance, de-escalated

Source: Millis Police Department