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Millis High Athletics Hall of Fame honors six inductees

The 2009 Millis girls’ soccer team, which defeated Gateway for the Division 3 State Championship, was inducted into the school’s Athletics Hall of Fame. The team’s leaders included, from left, captain Amanda White, coach Denis Cutler and captain Olivia Zitoli. Not pictured is Molly Breen, the team’s third captain.


Staff Sports Writer

Three players, one coach, and two teams were inducted into the Millis Athletics Hall of Fame on April 13 at the Franklin Elks Club before a gathering of about 250.   

The 2024 inductees include Bill Lagos (class of 1981, baseball, hockey and football); Brian Egy (class of 2000, football, basketball and track); and Dan Coleman (class of 2005, soccer, basketball, and volleyball).

Aram Karoghlanian (class of 1932) was inducted posthumously as a coach/contributor. He was a long-time tennis coach who also directed the youth tennis programs in Millis.

The teams inducted were the 1994 football squad and the 2009 girls’ soccer team.The inductees all expressed appreciation for the recognition of their efforts.

The 63-year-old Lagos, who lives in Nashville, Tenn., said “I’m super humbled and appreciate this honor.’’ His remarks focused on thanking those who played roles in his competitive days. “Thanks go out to my coaches, from the youth level to high school; to my teammates; to my teachers at Millis High; and to the school’s administration.’’

Lagos recalled some of the talented athletes he saw at Millis High before he competed. “I watched Rich and Peter Monaghan play football,’’ Lagos said. “Eric and Dave Elofson also were fun to watch on the gridiron. Hockey players like Pat Kilmartin and Bob Volpicelli were skaters I admired.’’

The 1994 Millis High football team, which defeated Trinity Catholic in the Division 6B Super Bowl, was inducted into the school’s Athletics Hall of Fame. The squad’s leaders were, from left, captain, Mike Levy, coach Dave Sperandio, captains Brian Kraby and Brandon Davidson.


Lagos concluded his remarks by saying that he “strived to be a top-notch competitor’’ and he “aimed for success, like the athletes I watched growing up in Millis.’’ The 37-year-old Coleman, who lives in Chelmsford, also credited his coaches, teammates and teachers, and mentioned that “I always felt welcomed as an athlete.’’

“Athletics played a key role in my getting into college,’’ Coleman emphasized. “I went to Endicott College and played four years of volleyball there. Hard work helped get me into college but my coaches and teammates also were a big help.’’

Coleman told the audience that “I wasn’t expecting to become a Hall of Fame inductee but I’m truly flattered by this honor.’’ 

The Millis High Athletics Hall of Fame inducted three top-notch competitors who were three-sport athletes. The inductees included, from left, Dan Coleman, Brian Egy, and Bill Lagos.


The 42-year-old Egy, who resides in Newport, R.I., recalled watching players from the Monaghan and Lagos families, and said he strived to compete at a high level like his predecessors.

A three-sport athlete, Egy played quarterback in football, guard-forward in basketball and competed in the long jump and hurdles in track. In college at the University of Connecticut, he focused on the long jump.

“My goal was just to play hard and battle intensely,” he said. “Whether it was in elementary school, middle school or high school, I always looked up to the Millis athletes who set high standards. There was no Hall of Fame when I competed, so I never thought about an honor like this. Now that it’s happened, I’m humbled and honored by the recognition.’’

Egy stressed that sports helped to shape his life.

“I learned valuable life lessons like being a good teammate, being disciplined and maintaining commitment,’’ Egy said. “Whether I won or lost, it was always about the people I competed with. I raised some trophies but it was more about who surrounded me. That’s what I remember about playing for Millis.’’ 

Millis teacher-coach Tom Ingraham spoke about Karoghlanian who became the school’s first tennis coach in 1969. He died at the age of 92 in 2005.

“Coach Karaghlanian embodied all the good things about high school sports,’’ Ingraham said. “He had integrity, high character, humility, a quick wit, and a big smile. He also had respect for the game and respect for his opponents.’’

Karaghlanian played football and baseball at MHS, coached the boys’ tennis team to a Tri Valley League title in 1978, and in 1992 earned his 200th coaching victory. A postal worker, Karaghlanian started summer youth tennis clinics in 1959 and coached Millis youths for 40 years in that program.

The town named its tennis courts after him in 1976 and he retired from coaching in 1996. 

The football team won the Division 6B Super Bowl by beating Trinity Catholic, 28-6. Dave Sperandio was the coach and the captains were Brian Kraby, Mike Levy, and Brandon Davidson. Before winning the Super Bowl, the Mohawks’ 1993 team went 1-9. The 1994 season was Sperandio’s first as Millis High’s varsity coach. 

During Sperandio’s 30-year coaching career, he earned three Super Bowl titles as an assistant — at Millis, Holliston and Westwood – then, from 1994 to 2005, he guided the Mohawks to a pair of Super Bowl crowns. He rates the 1994 team’s triumph as “special.’’

“The players on that team were outstanding,’’ he said. “They were disciplined, committed, and played with desire. They wanted to win and what I liked most was their personality. It was one of quiet confidence.’’

The squad finished at 7-1 In the Tri Valley League and was 10-1 after winning the Super Bowl.

“When I was hired, I asked the three captains what they wanted,’’ Sperandio recalled. “Brian, Mike and Brandon all said they wanted a ring. And they fulfilled that goal.’’

Kraby, a tri-captain who played nose tackle, recalls that exchange.

“Mike Levy said he wanted a ring,’’ Kraby said. “I looked at Brandon (Davidson) and we said the same thing. Coach Sperandio looked at us and laughed, saying, ‘I’ve been an assistant coach for 20 years and went to only three Super Bowls.’ Then he paused and said’ okay.’’’

Kraby said that Sperandio was aware the team he was inheriting had gone 1-9 but he knew he was going to be coaching a special group. 

“We were hungry to win,’’ Kraby offered. “We were 5-25 the three previous years. That was frustrating. We started lifting weights at 6 a.m. on summer mornings. It’s like we willed a Super Bowl into reality. The team and Coach Sperandio meshed.’’ 

The players included Chris Angel, Brandon Davidson, Sean Mansfield, William Reid, Chris Bell, Ryan Davidson, PJ McMahon, Matt Rezzuti, Dale Bickford, Bret Earnest, Nick Meleski, Chris Rice, Chris Carlson, Mark Godlewski, Andy Morse, Owen Roberts, Erik Carlson, Jon Harrington, Chris Noyes, Stephen Roberts, Mark Caulfield, and Brian Kraby.

Also, Gus Palaza, Rick Rouse, Robert Conrad, Mike Levy, Jonathan Pappas, Joe Santillo, Adam Coppola, Dan Lynch, Jarrett Perry, William Schultz, Mike Corbett, Andrew Macaione, Michael Pitner, Bryon Tingley, Chuck Cotton, Mike Maloney, Scott Powers, John Ward, and Evan Wright.

The girls’ soccer team was led by coach Denis Cutler and the captains were Molly Breen, Olivia Zitoli and Amanda White. Millis, which finished at 16-2-6, defeated Hanover, Rockland, Norwell, West Bridgewater and Georgetown before capturing the Division 3 state title against Gateway in a 2-0 shutout.

Cutler recalled a popular saying at Millis High and used it to characterize his team. It says, “Small school, big family.’’

“The 2009 team wasn’t just a collection of individuals,’’ he said. “It was like a family. They were team-first players who competed for each other. We had good leadership from our captains but the entire group displayed leadership. Honoring this team is tremendous and the recognition is appreciated.’’

Cutler emphasized that the team had 11 seniors and eight of them had three or more years of varsity experience. He stressed that his players also had a high soccer IQ.

The team’s third tourney game, against Norwell, was a huge turning point for the Mohawks. 

“We had lost to them three straight times in the playoffs from 2006-2008,’’ Cutler recalled. “All three losses were shutouts. So, when we beat them in 2009 by a 3-0 margin, it was significant. They were ranked fourth in the state by The Boston Globe.’’

Cutler also mentioned that, after his team defeated Norwell, its athletic director (Scott Paine) emailed Millis A.D. Chuck Grant. His email said, “If we had to lose, I’m pleased it was to a team like Millis. They played with class and sportsmanship.’’

 The players included Molly Breen, Khushbu Desai, Samantha Hilton, Ashley Page, Marissa Volpicelli, Madison Brosler, Candace Devens, Maddie Matthies, Marisa Parand, Amanda White, Caroline Collins, Ashley Fucci, Sarah McAuliffe, Amanda Vecchi, Allyssa Wong, Danielle Cullen, Jennifer Gasbarro, Samantha O’Neil, Emily Vecchi, Jillian Zitoli, Olivia Zitoli.