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Get Your Glow On – Permanent Makeup at The Glow Factory


By Jennifer Russo
Whether you want a lower-maintenance makeup routine, a more polished look, a stand out feature or a brow fix, The Glow Factory specializes in enhancing natural beauty with permanent makeup solutions for eyes, brows, lips and face that will not only freshen up your look, but save you time and money too.
Jessie Dillon, The Glow Factory’s owner and lead artist, was inspired by a friend who was attending cosmetology school and decided she wanted to give it a try herself. When she finished school, she opted to be an educator for a big box beauty retailer as she was at a place in her life where she wanted a job with an established business.
“In 2017, I got married and became a full-time stepmom overnight, and my priorities changed. Retail hours and pay just weren’t working for me anymore, so I dusted off that cosmetology license. In my previous job, I loved helping clients pick out the right makeup and learn how to use it, but many would go home and not feel confident in applying it themselves,” says Jessie.
“So, when I made the decision to take an eye lashing class, it came from a place of wanting to help clients wake up feeling more confident and polished, without having to learn a whole new skill or invest time and energy in it every morning.”
The next natural step for Jessie was learning how to do permanent makeup. She now holds multiple licenses and boasts a team of artists that are true experts in their field, so it’s no wonder that The Glow Factory is so successful. 
So what IS permanent makeup? Permanent makeup is a cosmetic technique that enhances the color on specific features using artistic tattooing. It benefits not only the person who wants an easier routine or a more defined color on a feature, but also those who may have some issues that warrant correction to boost their own confidence.
“There are so many reasons our clients take the leap into permanent makeup! Many are new moms who just don't feel like themselves anymore, and even if they had the time to apply makeup, it'd get wiped right off. Others work super-long hours and their makeup products have never kept up,“ shares Jessie.
“Some people have difficulty applying makeup due to vision problems, tremors, arthritis, parkinsons, or other maladies. Others have scarring through their brows or lipline that they've always been insecure about. Some come in after losing their natural brow hair to chemotherapy/radiation, alopecia, and trichotillomania. Permanent makeup is a great option for all of these issues.“
The Glow Factory even gives back by offering a free service.  For those who have had radiation treatments, many are left with dark black or grey tattooed markers that can be a painful reminder of what they have gone through. If they have been out of treatment at least 6 months, TGF can add a pigment that will help these marks look like natural freckles, in just 30 minutes.
As with any type of tattoo, there might be worry about any associated pain with the service. Numbing products are used in these services which greatly reduce discomfort, and because they work very shallow in the skin, procedures are more comfortable that what clients may expect.
The Glow Factory offers permanent brows and eyeliner, permanent lipcolor and what they call a “frozen lip“ that creates a diamond like sparkle and is not offered by anyone else locally.  They offer permanent freckles, and some paramedical tattooing including the radiation mark camoflaging and aerola repigmentation for clients who may have had a masectomy or have undergone gender-affirming surgeries. 
Additionally, the studio also offers permanent jewelry – lightweight jewelry welded closed instead of using a clasp, as well as tooth gems – a painless application where the gem is bonded to the tooth.
“We know that taking the leap with permanent makeup can be scary, so we highly encourage anyone that’s on the fence to come in for a consultation, which can be booked right on our website and can be done in-studio or via FaceTime,“ says Jessie.
“We also offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee and a pay later option to make the decision even easier. We prioritize high-level artistry, continued education, and very strict health and safety standards.“
The Glow Factory is located at 165 Main St in Medway, MA. To read their amazing reviews, get more details on their services, artists, and current specials, or book a consultation, check out their website at You can also follow them on Instagram at @jessiedillon_ and on Facebook at