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Medway’s Little Free Libraries

By Sofia Mercier
Student Writer
Those aren’t elf houses nor mailboxes popping up around Medway, they’re Little Free Libraries! These small house-like structures can be found at Choate Park and other Medway neighborhoods. 
How it works
From children’s reads to adult literature, the libraries hold a variety of genres and authors. Since the libraries run on an honor system, in which the readers are advised to take a book and leave a book, its shelves are updated often. 
Who can host
Anyone can own a little library by installing a library and registering it at to get it on the map. 
Where are they located
Current Medway Little Libraries can be found at: 
32 Cottage Street
10 Crook Street
23 Ellis Stret
1 Oak Street
76 Oakland Street
4 Riverview Street

Theresa Knapp contributed to this article