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Millis educators and students “pied” for charity

Money raised for women’s rights 

in Afghanistan
By Kaitlyn Richards
Student Writer
In March, two groups at Millis High School held an entertaining fundraiser for an important global cause. 
Terpsichore, the school's dance organization, partnered with the school's chapter of Amnesty International to raise money for women’s rights in Afghanistan. The money contributed — over $100 — is intended to aid in expanding Afghanistan women's educational rights and to help bring gender equality to the region. 
The groups chose to do a pie-themed fundraiser. Students were given the opportunity to purchase a raffle ticket for a chance to throw a plate of shaving cream in the faces of some of their favorite teachers. 
“We would like to thank everyone who donated and volunteered for our pie day event,” said Thidavanh Keomorokot, a member of Terpsichore and Amnesty, at the start of the event, before choosing the first student raffle tickets. 
The students were randomly chosen from the raffle tickets and the first faculty member to be “pied” was Mark Caulfield who was pied by his daughter, senior Riley Caulfield. Following Caulfield, faculty members Dave Fallon, Scott Alconada, Brian Kraby, Glen Panciocco, Officer Zachary Forsythe, and Principal Mark Awdycki were all pied by different students. 
Additionally, three students volunteered to be pied in the face: senior Noah Lagos, freshman Kevin Brynczka, and Senior President of Terpsichore Wilson Copice. 
Overall, the event was very well received by the students and faculty. Everyone enjoyed watching each other get pied in the face and it was all worthwhile because of the funds being donated to a good cause. The event proved to be a success and surely will be one to remember for the rest of the school year.