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Millis High School December Students of the Month Announced

From left: Millis High School Students of the Month for Dec. 2023 were: Elijah Roman, David Silva, Juniper Zammarchi, Aliya Chajon Navas, Thaynara Lopes, Emilia Leach, Rayssa Oliveira, Mauricio Olivares, Owen Caulfield, Flavio Ferrera. Source: Millis Public Schools

The following students were Students of the Month at Millis High School in December 2023. Also below are quotes from the nomination form submitted by the teacher or staff member who made the recommendation. 
Grade 9 Nominees: Owen Caulfield, Juniper Zammarchi, and Flavio Ferrera
Winnter: Owen Caulfield
“Owen always has great enthusiasm in class. His effort and participation is amazing and he brings a lot of laughter to the class.” 
Grade 10 Nominees: Elijah Roman and Aliya Chajon Navas
Winner: Aliya Chajon Navas
“It has been so nice to see her grow as a student and become more and more comfortable in class.” 
Grade 11 Nominees: David Silva, Thaynara Lopes, Emilia Leach, and Mauricio Olivares
Winner: Mauricio Olivares
“Mauricio always has a positive attitude for class. He always comes into class and asks me how I am doing right away. He does all of his work and makes up work immediately when absent. He has been passionate about learning about compound interest. He has been involved in each person’s presentation by helping students learn to apply interest rates.” 
Grade 12 Nominee: Rayssa Oliveira 
Winner: Rayssa Oliviera
“Rayssa is always such a great overall person. Her positive outlook is present each and every class. She is willing to work with anyone and is willing and ready to work each and every class.”