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Millis/Medway - Local Town Pages

Medway Police Dept. Police Log

Between Dec. 16, 2023, and Jan. 15, 2024, the Medway Police Department responded to hundreds of calls, many related to disabled motor vehicles, motor vehicle violations and accidents, general traffic enforcement, fire alarms (including faulty and accidental security alarms), parking violations, motor vehicle lockouts, suspicious solicitors, pigs and deer, and assisting other towns. There were also many trees and wires down after the storm of Dec. 18. 
Other entries of note include: 
Dec. 16 at 6:05am, North St., disorderly person. Caller reported “the people at the food pantry are causing a disturbance by being loud and beeping horns. Caller states its becoming an issue every weekend.” Police said people are lining up for the food pantry and all seem orderly at this time. 
Dec, 16 at 11:50am, Main St., motor vehicle accident with injury. 
Dec. 16 at 6:17pm, Winthrop St., identify fraud. Caller said someone was impersonating them and asking their friends for money. 
Dec. 16 at 9:47pm, Milford St., fire investigation. 
Dec. 17 at 1:42am, Milford St., suspicious person. Individual at the station looking for a place to stay; a second call that he left the station and is in a nearby parking lot. MPD transported him to Milford ER. 
Dec. 17 at 7:43am, Waterside Run, work law violation. Caller said crew should not be working on weekends. 
Dec. 18 to Dec. 20 winter storm effects: numerous reports of trees and wires down, lost power, water in basements. 
Dec. 19 at 3pm, Juniper Rd., report of a black pig in the area, animal control called. 
Dec. 19 at 10:31pm, Holliston PD, assist with female prisoner. 
Dec. 19 at 11:07pm, Summer St., motor vehicle accident with injury. Car in woods, vehicle on fire, occupant extricated by caller. Scene cleared at 1:02am. 
Dec. 20 at 11:31am, Summer St., threats. 
Dec. 21 at 1:32pm, Milford St., car seat installation. 
Dec. 21 at 7pm, Main St., motor vehicle accident. Caller reported they were at this address for approximately 15 minutes and when they returned their vehicle was missing. Vehicle was found, logged as a “single car MVA.” 
Dec. 22 at 7:11am, Sanford St., arrest: operating with suspended license, negligent operation of a motor vehicle, operating under the influence of liquor. 
Dec. 22 at 11:03am, Partridge St., larceny, fraudulent payment of services. 
Dec. 22 at 12:17pm, Medway Mills, larceny. Caller reported her car was taken from the parking lot. Call received from male party who states his picked up wrong vehicle and is returning to listed address. Nothing appeared to be missing or taken. Both parties on their way. 
Dec. 22 at 5:20pm, Lincoln St., two-car motor vehicle accident, no injuries. 
Dec. 22 at 9:02pm, Willow Pond Cir., fire alarm. Unknown cause for smoke, Eversource and private electrician deemed the area safe. Cleared at 1:06am. 
Dec. 23 at 9:48am, Village St., civil complaint. 
Dec. 23 at 7:49pm, Mahan Cir., caller reported smoke in unit. Burnt food. 
Dec. 24 at 4:39pm, Village St., fire alarm. Caller reported odor of smoke and fire alarm sounding next door. Heavy smoke due to food on stove. Patient refused transport, two officers required transport for smoke inhalation. Medway, Millis, Hopedale, Milford all provided assistance. Cleared at 5:30pm. 
Dec. 25 at 12:07am, Meadow Rd., suspicious person. Caller reported a female came to their front door stating they were lost. Party was picked up by an unknown vehicle prior to police arrival. 
Dec. 25 at 2:52pm, Maple Ln., unwanted party. 
Dec. 26 at 9:12pm, Holbrook St., larceny. Caller reported they might have been scammed regarding Celtics tickets over Facebook. 
Dec. 27 at 1:21am, Main St., assault. Caller reported he was assaulted, Spanish interpreter provided by Holliston PD.
Dec. 29 at 8:20am, Summer St., animal control. Caller reported he struck a dog in the road. 
Dec. 29 at 10:58am, Main St., larceny. Caller reported their vehicle was stolen this morning. Police located the vehicle at the Amazon warehouse in Bellingham. 
Dec. 31 at 6:15am, Main St., missing person. Caller reported her boyfriend hadn’t returned from a trip to Cambridge which was out of character for him; she called back to say she found him. 
Dec. 31 at 10:45am, Birch Bark Rd., property damage. Caller reported someone hit their mailbox and is taking items out of mailboxes. 
Dec. 31 at 12:30pm, Goldenrod Dr., animal control. Caller reported being bit by a dog on Sun Valley. 
Dec. 31 at 7:07pm, Main St., parking violation. Vehicles parked in handicapped spots with no placards; citations issued. 
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