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Introducing the Free-Choice Veggie CSA

Believe it or not, even though winter has just begun, we at Medway Community Farm are well into planning our spring and summer season. We’re thrilled to launch a revolutionary CSA concept that puts you in the driver’s seat. As a member, you will have access to our farm stand, where you get to hand-pick your produce from spring through fall and pay with your 2024 CSA card. 
Here’s why our Free-Choice Veggie CSA stands out:
Unparalleled Flexibility: No more surprises or veggies that aren’t your favorite! With our Free-Choice Veggie CSA, you have the liberty to select what you want, when you want it. Want a little extra kale this week? Or perhaps you’re craving those perfectly ripe tomatoes? It’s all up to you!
Freshness Guaranteed: Our farm stand showcases the freshest, seasonal bounty straight from our fields. From crunchy greens in spring to the vibrant hues of fall’s harvest, you’re guaranteed top-quality, just-picked produce every time you visit.
Community Connection: Engage with our farm staff and fellow members as you explore the stand, sharing recipes, tips, and stories while you select your favorite fruits and veggies. It’s a community-driven experience that fosters connections and a deeper appreciation for locally grown food.
You will not be restricted to a pickup time, and you can skip weeks. You shop whenever the farm stand is open from Thursday to Sunday April to Thanksgiving.
For those who still appreciate the convenience and creativity of a standard CSA, including a curated selection of seasonal delights, our traditional single-size CSA remains a steadfast favorite. Each week, you’ll receive a thoughtfully assembled box brimming with a variety of fresh produce. It’s a fantastic option for those who love the element of surprise and trust our farmers to hand-select the best of the harvest.
Join us at Medway Community Farm and discover a CSA membership that works for your household. From embracing the freedom to choose your veggies, or the traditional veggie share, you will enjoy fresh, local produce, and the warmth of a community united by a love for farm-fresh goodness. 
On-line enrollment will open January 8th, 2024. 
*Farmstand photo courtesy of Sue Rorke