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All welcome at Millis Memory Café

By Theresa Knapp 
The Millis Memory Café is typically held on the fourth Monday of each month from 10:30 a.m. to noon in the Roche Brothers Community Room at the Millis Public Library. 
The program promotes “connection, creativity, and refreshment.” Everyone is welcome to attend and there is no cost. 
MPL Director Kimberley Tolson says, “The focus of the café is not on any kind of diagnosis or information about a diagnosis. It’s a time to forget about any challenges and enjoy the company of people who are going through similar things and make connections with people in the community who are experiencing similar challenges… For many people, it’s a respite from the day-to-day stuff they’re going through.” 
Tolson says, “People express that they have felt isolated. There’s a lot of focus on the people with the diagnosis, it can be isolating for the caregiver going through this.” 
Each gathering features a guest artist or performer, time for conversation, plus coffee and refreshments funded by the Friends of the Millis Public Library. 
Tolson says the atmosphere is casual, anyone can drop it at any time. She says activities are designed to be “inclusive of everybody, no matter their ability,” and says music is very popular at the memory café. “We often see people get up and dance.” 
Tolson says they are always looking for people from the community to perform and lead activities at the Millis Memory Café, and also to work within the café to welcome guests and start conversation. 
“We love to get people from the community involved, to share their interests, play an instrument, talk about a trip they took, to share anything they like.” 
For more information about attending, or volunteering at, the Millis Memory Café, contact Tolson at [email protected] or 508-376-8282, or visit  
For a full list of memory cafés in Massachusetts, visit