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Clyde Brown 3rd graders take on Chemistry at Millis High School

One of the lab stations which demonstrated a form of weather. Courtesy photo

By Kaitlyn Richards

Student writer

For the past month, third graders at Millis’ Clyde F. Brown Elementary School have taken a field trip to Millis High School to learn about chemistry. The events were organized by Millis High School’s Chemistry Club in conjunction with the school’s Material Science class. 

When the students arrived at the high school, they were prepped for the fun-filled day with important safety instructions. Afterward, the students took part in a series of simulations in order to demonstrate different weather conditions. 

The students not only learned about erosion and the water cycle, but they also learned the ins and outs of being in a lab setting in a formal science classroom. By showing students the interactiveness of being in a science lab, there is a chance some students may have found a new interest in learning science. 

“I think that it is important for the elementary students to start learning and experiencing a lab setting at a young age.” said Ms. Stephanie Copice, a chemistry and material science teacher and advisor to the MHS Chemistry Club. “These types of experiences are able to set a standard and an expectation for when the students progress through their education to a higher level.” 

Not only did the elementary students have an enjoyable experience, but the high school students who helped facilitate the lab stations had a great time working with younger students. 

“I believe that having the older students work with the younger students is extremely important because it helps each age not only wield leadership skills, but it also gives the younger students something to look up to and aspire to for their futures,” said Ms. Copice. 

The Chemistry Club has been holding field trips for many years and plans to continue in future years. The third graders will most likely return in the spring for more fun and educational lessons in chemistry.