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Medway Gold Award focuses on healthy recipes

By Theresa Knapp
Lile Simmons of Medway spent 13 years in Girl Scouts and recently attained her Gold Award, the highest award in Girl Scouting.
To be considered for the Gold Award, a high-school aged Girl Scout must complete a Gold Award Project addressing an important issue to her and her community to create lasting change.
When thinking about her Gold Award project, Simmons - who is now training to become a nurse - knew she wanted to do something related to health and diet, so she created a cookbook of healthy recipes.
“Many people want to start eating healthy and need help figuring out where to start. I created my cookbook to give my community a resource of my favorite healthy recipes to help others start eating healthier,” Simmons said.
Simmons also wanted to address the issue of obesity and hopes the cookbook encourages healthier eating habits.
Working on the Gold Award, Simmons says she learned the importance of teamwork.
“Even though the Gold Award is an individual project, it is impossible to do it alone. I learned I cannot do everything and it was helpful to have people on my team who I can rely on to help me accomplish tasks,” said Simmons.
She said she also learned how to manage her time while finishing this project during her senior year of high school, taking AP classes, and playing sports. She had a full plate but was determined to finish everything on it.
“I grew up with older Girl Scouts around me who completed the bronze, silver, and gold awards. I was inspired to take action and change the world just like them,” she said.
Simmons joined the organization in Kindergarten and continued through high school. When asked what Girl Scouts means to her, she said: “To me, Girl Scouting means inspiring younger girls to change the world. I hope my Gold Award will show younger Girls Scouts that girls can change the world.”