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Royal Conservatory of Music Assessment Results Are In!

Another round of RCM assessments has come and gone! At Encore Music Academy and Recording Studios, students of all ages and musical abilities come throughout the year to perform their exams in front of adjudicators who travel from all across Canada and the U.S. in order to administer the assessments. 

In addition to academic assessments in music theory, harmony, analysis and history, students perform practical assessments on their instrument of choice. Instruments represented include piano, voice, classical guitar, flute, clarinet, saxophone, drums, violin, and viola. In August, students from all over the northeast traveled to Encore to take their assessments. 

The Royal Conservatory of Music Certificate Program provides a recognized national standard of success in music study from beginner to advanced levels. It inspires excellence through individual student assessments that are central to the program, while also supporting teachers with high-quality and innovative resources. The RCM allows students to measure and celebrate accomplishment and track their progress throughout the country. All students and teachers across the United States are invited to participate, and Encore Music Academy is proud to offer these opportunities at the school and through outreach to the surrounding communities.

Levels of achievement are determined by the following scale:

First Class Honors with Distinction: An assessment score of 90 to 100.

First Class Honors: An assessment score of 80 to 89.

Honors: An assessment score of 70 to 79.

Pass: An assessment score of 60 to 69.

Students are graded on proficiency in the following areas: performance; technical requirements; aural skills; rhythm; and, sight-reading ability. This year, Encore is very proud to recognize the following Encore students for their outstanding achievement in Royal Conservatory of Music assessments:

First Class Honors with Distinction: 

AJ Courtright-Lim - Theory Level 5, 13, Franklin

Amelia MacEvoy — Theory Level 7, 15, Medway

Alyssa McGuirl - Theory Level 8, 15, Millis

Aneesha Pathangay - Theory Level 5, 15, Hopkinton

Esmee Perera - Theory Level 8, 16, Holliston

Rishika Pericherla - Theory Level 5, 12, Franklin

Rishita Phanse - Theory Level 7, 15, Mansfield

Aagam Shah - Piano Prep A, 11, Franklin

Sunehri Verma - Theory Level 7, 16, Franklin

First Class Honors: 

Michelle Gonzalez - Piano Prep B, 9, Franklin 

John Kane - Theory Level 7, 17, Franklin

Grace O’Sullivan - Piano Level 2, 12, Franklin

Danny Pylee - Saxophone Level 4, 15, Medway

Anne Wu - Voice Level 8, 17, Shrewsbury


Hope MacEvoy — Piano Level 2, 10, Medway

Aneesha Pathangay — Piano Level 7, 15, Hopkinton

*To learn more about Encore Music Academy and Recording Studios and the Royal Conservatory of Music program, please visit:*

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Franklin, MA 02038 

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Phone: (508) 533-7700