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Medway's Burke-Memorial Elementary Students Work with Local Muralist

Burke-Memorial students worked with local artist on a mural entitled "Me on the Map." (Photo courtesy Medway Public Schools)

Burke-Memorial Elementary School Principal John Kelley is pleased to share that students worked with a local muralist on a special project this spring.

Burke-Memorial art students in grades 2-4 worked with local artist-in-residence Josh Winer. Winer is a Massachusetts-based artist who specializes in “Trompe L'oeil” painting and has created murals and mosaics for locations all over the world.

The mural "Me on the Map" was recently completed and will be installed in the school cafetorium in the coming weeks.

The mural features paintings of lanterns, open windows and mirrors to represent diversity, community and acceptance in Medway. The mural is meant to provide "windows" for children to see those who are different from them, and "mirrors" for students to see themselves reflected within the community.

Students helped to design the mural with these themes in mind, embodying what their school community means to them.

"I'm proud of our students' creativity and thoughtfulness in this project. I would like to thank our Visual Arts Teacher Robin Hackett who really made this project possible," said Principal Kelley. "Conceptually, the mural connects and represents the many values that make our community unique."

The project was generously funded by the Medway Education Foundation to provide a new piece of art for students to see other races, cultures, customs and themselves through the artwork.