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Entrust Your Home to the Hands of a Mom The Moms Painting Company brightens up your walls and cabinets

By Jane Lebak
In the era of work-from-home and online meetings, homeowners want to make their homes brighter, more beautiful, and more comfortable. An often overlooked aspect of a home’s beauty is interior paint.
Says Melinda Currul, “That’s when you need to call The Moms Painting Company.”
The Moms Painting Company combines attention to detail with an appreciation for interior design. Their team consists of four moms and two dads, and they give their customers the care that the “mom” title implies.


“Whether we’re painting a room or repainting the cabinets, we strive to put the client at peace in their own home,” says Currul, who founded The Moms three years ago. “We make our clients comfortable having us work in the house. We’ve even had clients leave their children with us!”
One of the Moms, painter Courtney DeLuca, emphasizes the personal touch. “I really enjoy making someone’s home what they want it to be. Seeing the final creation brings me joy.”
While most homeowners think of “painting” in respect to the walls, the Moms have found a better way to spruce up a home: painting the cabinets and woodwork.
“A lot of older homes have wooden cabinets, but that look is really out,” says Currul. New cabinets cost tens of thousands of dollars, though, so homeowners resign themselves to oak or maple. Currul adds, “They don’t realize, our painters can make those cabinets look brand new for a quarter the price.”
Cabinet work freshens up the look of an entire kitchen. Currul explains, “The cabinets come down, and we remove all the hardware, labeling everything precisely.” This is where attention to detail is very important. “We’ll sand, degrease, and apply two coats of a special bonding primer. We then apply a  self -leveling paint that works to acquire a superb evenly coated cabinet.”
Currul experimented with several bonding primers before identifying the best. Additionally while some painters spray the cabinets for efficiency, Currul achieves unique results using a special roller. “Our rollers work to attain a solid finish with absolutely no brush marks. All of these aspects together, along with our talented painters provide the homeowner with a beautiful, like new set of cabinets without the high cost of installing them brand new.”
Currul’s team also updates wooden trim.
“These same homes often have brown trim at a time when everyone wants to go to white. To get it done right, we use all the same steps as with cabinets. We need to use the right primer, and then we caulk and fill all the holes in the woodwork.”
Updating a home’s appearance is an investment in the home’s value. Currul says, “Where times are tight, people still want to feel happy in their homes, but without having to do a complete renovation. Painting their cabinets or their brown trim white will immediately increase the value of the home.”
Of course, homes are not just investments. They’re the stage for our lives. Moms painter 
Irena Cascella says, “I’ve had a long relationship with a paintbrush. It’s an honor for me to make your walls a beautiful backdrop for your memories.”
Melinda Currul started Moms Painting after years of community involvement in Medway and the surrounding towns. When her children were smaller, she volunteered on community boards, coached cheerleading, and organized the MEPTO road races.
With her children older, she leveraged those organizational skills to start her own company. “A mom is a person who can multitask, and our business taps into that. We return calls within hours. We arrive when we say. We complete work in the scheduled timeframe, and if something comes up, we let you know right away.”
Moms Painting guarantees 100% satisfaction. Currul stresses, “If someone’s had a call back for a touch-up, we’re right there.”
This attention to detail pays off. Currul says, “I started the business small, but because of word-of-mouth and repeat business, we’ve increased sales five hundred percent.”
Currul says, “It’s amazing the changes you can accomplish with paint. No one—and I mean no one—gets a job done like a mom.”
Ready to learn more about The Moms Painting Company? You can find The Moms at and on Facebook at Or you can call (617) 304-6654 to jumpstart your home’s brand-new look.