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Millis/Medway - Local Town Pages

Medway Annual Town Election to be held on May 16

The annual town election in the town of Medway will be held on Tues., May 16, 2023. Voting will take place at Voting will take place in the old gymnasium of the Medway Middle School at 45 Holliston Street (Door 8).

As of press time, the ballot included: 

Seats and Offices Available:

Select Board (1 seat): 
Glenn Trindade

Board of Health (1 seat): 
mie Rotondi, Cristina St. Pierre 

School Committee (2 seats): 
Melissa Greenfield, 
Preston Gales  

Parks Commission (1 seat): 
John Farrell

Library Trustees (2 seats): 
Lisa Sheehan, John Scott Smith

Water/Sewer Advisory Board (1 seat): Steven Burke

Housing Authority (1 seat): 
Rita Larrabee

Planning and Economic 
Development Board (two 3-year seats): Andy Rodenhiser, 
Charles Myers, John Parlee

Planning and Economic Development Board (one 2-year seat): Tim Harris
Redevelopment Authority (1 Seat): Michael Griffin 


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