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Roy represents Millis as Project 351 Ambassador

Nicholas Roy is the Project 351 Ambassador from Millis. During one of his service projects, he collected 43 bags of clothing.

In November, Nicholas Roy, an eighth grade student at Millis Middle/High School, was having a normal school day when he was called down to the main office. 
“That was concerning and nerve-racking, and I was confused at what it could be about,” says Roy, thinking back. “When I made it to the office, I was congratulated on my nomination for Project 351 and told about the inspiring project.”
Before then, Roy says he was not aware of the statewide project that seeks to tap eighth grade students from all 351 municipalities in Massachusetts who can be described as “unsung heroes and quiet leaders.” 
Roy says he has always tried to be a quiet leader. 
“Ever since I was little, I would always try to help my classmates, friends, and family with anything they needed whether it was schoolwork, chores, or personal problems. Being a quiet leader doesn’t always mean a person who strives to control everything in a particular moment or project, it means a person who is able to help others to the figurative ‘finish line’ when they might not be able to do it themselves.” 
When he heard about the project, he immediately knew he wanted to participate. 
“I thought the cause was amazing, and we do service projects all throughout the year focusing on different problems: clothing insecurity, pollution/preservation of the earth, and even one of our choice. This was a way I could make a difference in my small town community,” says Roy. 
To date, he has completed a service project called “Spring Service” in which he organized a clothing drive in Millis for Cradles to Crayons. 
“After many hours of planning, decorating, and collecting I accumulated 43 (13-gallon) bags full of clothing which I quality sorted. Forty-three bags of clothing is equal to clothes for approximately 129 little kids, which I found really exciting! I look forward to more of these impactful projects in the future.” 
Future service projects will include a “Hope and Gratitude Weekend,” leadership reunion, 9/11 tribute service, and a Campaign to End Hunger project. 
Millis Middle School Civics teacher Michele Lanah says Nicholas was chosen by his 8th grade teachers out of 103 students as the Project 351 Ambassador. 
“He is a responsible, motivated, organized, bright, kind and social young man who is the ideal candidate to represent our school,” says Lanah.
Project 351 began in 2011 by then-Governor Deval Patrick as a way to focus on “young people and community,” according to