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Millis COA and Permanent Building Committee discuss senior center options

By Caroline Gordon

The current Millis Senior Center has been located in the basement of the Veteran’s Memorial Building since 1999, when it was renovated into a community center and town offices. 
The Millis Council on Aging, Wayne Klocko, chairman of the Millis Permanent Building Committee, and Abacus Architects, proposed ideas for a new center to Millis residents at a focus group on June 7. 
The three options for a new center are: Option 1, a partial renovation and addition to the current site; Option 2, new construction at Cassidy Farm; and Option 2A, new construction at Cassidy Farm to include a gymnasium. 
According to the Community Center Focus Group Presentation, a pro of Option 1 is that it is located in the center of town and within the existing community center. A pro of Option 2 is there is more outdoor space for walking trails and a community garden. A pro of option 2A is there would be expanded recreational facilities. 
According to the presentation, the total cost of Option 1 is $15,500,000 with 14,855 square feet, Option 2 is $16,000,000 with 15,000 square feet, and Option 2A is $21,000,000 with 22,400 square feet. 
Director of the Millis Council on Aging Patty Kayo says, “There is no question as to the need for a new Millis Senior Center. The Council on Aging responsibilities include meeting the unmet needs of our senior population. The way we do that is through programs, activities and outreach.”
Says Kayo, “Unfortunately, our current space doesn’t allow us the ability to offer the varied and diverse programming necessary to appeal to all seniors. It’s truly exciting to think of the endless possibilities a new Center would bring to Millis residents. We would happily rise to the challenge if the voters choose to do so.” 
Klocko says that, after the completion of the focus groups, the Permanent Building Committee and Council on Aging will report to the Select Board which will then decide which option to present at a town meeting in November.