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Robin Christie Named Millis Mother of the Year

Millis Mother of the Year Robin Christie with a group of 10 boys at this year’s Last Day of the Year breakfast. Christie has been holding the event since her son and his friends were in elementary school. Courtesy photo.

By Theresa Knapp 
Robin Christie has been named Millis Mother of the Year through the Millis Recreation Department’s annual campaign that started in the 1980s. 
Recreation Director Kris Fogarty said the department receives hundreds of letters each year with nominations, and the Recreation Committee then narrows it down to one. This year’s winner received a dozen roses from Paul’s Flowers, a gift card from Magic Nails, a gift card from Victory Lane, and a gift card from Harkey’s Wine and Liquors.  
Christie, whose son Colin is graduating this year from Millis High School, has been holding an annual Last Day of the Year Breakfast for Colin and his friends since they were in third or fourth grade. 
“I wanted the last day of school to be special and fun for them, a great event to kick off the summer,” says Christie, noting the boys call themselves “Los Ninos” because they originally met in the Millis Spanish Immersion program in elementary school. “There’s a group of 10 of them that have been consistent all the way through.” 
Kristin Quinzani nominated Christie for the honor; her son, Nick, is one of los ninos. 
“She’s just like a second mother to Nick and she’s treated all the boys that way. I just thought, ‘How do you thank someone who has treated your child like her own?’ Nick loves Robin, and all his friends have really enjoyed the tradition over the years, they look forward to it every year.” 
Though eight of the 10 boys are graduating this year, two are juniors. Christie hopes to hold the breakfast one last “last” time next year when the remaining two graduate and the other eight are home from college. 
Of the honor, an emotional Christie said, “I’m so appreciative that someone would think that I’m deserving of this when, really, we all deserve it because it takes a village, 100 percent, it takes a village.” 
Quinzani added, "Millis has so many amazing Moms and Dads! We are very lucky to live here."