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Millis open burning season continues through May 1

Open burning season continues in Millis. Permits are required and can be obtained by filling out an application at the fire station. The $5 fee can be paid by cash or check payable to the Town of Millis. 
According to, the permit is good through May 1 however, on the day you want to burn, you must call the burning permit registration line at 508-906-3310 and listen to the message; if burning is allowed, you will leave your name and permit number.
Note: A burning permit does not release a party from liability for damage or extend any right to create a nuisance condition due to excess or drifting smoke.
According to the town and state Open Burning Safety guidelines (, burning must be done: 
Between Jan. 15 and May 1
After obtaining a permit from the local fire department
After calling the fire department after 9 a.m. on the day you want to burn 
Between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. -- no fires can be started after 2 p.m. and all fires must be extinguished by 4 p.m.
At least 75 feet from all dwellings 
As close as possible to the source of material being burned 
When air quality is acceptable for burning (call permit registration line on day of burning) 
Items that CANNOT be burned include: 
Brush, trees, cane and driftwood from commercial and/or industrial land clearing operations
Grass, hay, leaves, stumps, and tires
Construction material and debris 
Items that can be burned include: 
Brush, cane, driftwood, and forestry debris from other than commercial or industrial land clearing operations.
Agricultural materials such as fruit tree and bush prunings, raspberry stalks, and infected bee hives for disease control.
Trees and brush resulting from agricultural land clearing. 
Fungus infected elm wood ONLY if no other acceptable means of disposal is available.

How to safely ignite and tend the fire: 
An adult should always be present during open burning, until it is completely extinguished. 
Children and pets should be kept a safe distance away. 
Use paper and kindling to start the fire and add progressively larger pieces of wood, parts of a discarded Christmas tree can be used. 
NEVER use gasoline, kerosene or any other flammable liquid to start a fire because the risk of personal injury is high. 
Burn one small pile of material at a time and slowly add to it, this helps to keep the fire from getting out of control. 
Select a burn location away from any utility lines.
Monitor the wind and be prepared to extinguish quickly. 
Any violations of the regulations could result in your permit being revoked.

Fire control tools to have on hand: 
Water supply. This can be a pressurized water fire extinguisher, a pump can or a garden hose. TEST the water source before igniting the fire, you do not want to find out that the water is off or that the hose is cracked when you need it.
Shovels and rakes – you can use dirt to put out a fire.

If the fire gets out of control: 
Call the fire department IMMEDIATELY
People who allow a fire to get out of control, or who conduct illegal burning, may be held liable for the costs of extinguishing the fire in addition to fines or imprisonment (M.G.L. c.48, s.13).
For more information about Millis’ open burning guidelines, call 508-376-2361 or visit