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The b.LUXE beauty beat Revive, Renew and Awaken!

By Gina Woelfel
We’ve had some beautiful, spring-like days these past couple of weeks with the kind of weather that makes you want to ditch your winter clothes and get outside. New England’s climate is fickle, though. Valentine’s Day weekend was a gorgeous 60° for Saturday and a snowy, 32° for Super Bowl Sunday. That’s a crazy temperature shift, even for the northeast!   Now, I know there’s a few of you out there who thrive in this sub-zero climate, strapping snowboards and skis to your feet, only to hurl yourselves down a mountain. To you I say, with a full heart of admiration, to each his own. I’ll take my snow by the fire, curled up and cozy and leave the extreme winter sports to the hardier folks. 


But as a Bostonian, I do admit, anything above 30° is practically summah, and 60° is downright balmy, so those few sunny days were a pleasant break from this particularly cold and dry season. I normally like to get out and walk, but with so many days in the single digits, I found myself spending much of my time indoors. 
If you’re like me, some days I don’t look up from my computer till well past noon, only to grab a quick lunch, say hello to my family and sit back down again. This past season, those few days became most days and I was feeling stuck and sluggish. It was time for a change, but, as we know, change is difficult. By the end of last year I was feeling uninspired and consciously didn’t make any large New Year’s resolutions knowing that, far too often, these grand modifications fall flat. 
March has always felt like a healthy exhale to me.  It’s the month we wake from hibernation and feel the first hint of Spring. Each extra minute of sunlight slowly retakes the day and it’s warmth nudges Earth into a time of renewal.  
2022 felt like the perfect time to make some very small, but monumental changes in my life. I bought a watch. Not an old-school Timex watch, but one that gives me healthy reminders to stand, breath and take mindful minutes. You wouldn’t think that this little device could get me out of my winter funk, but it helped. I took those mindful minutes, I stood and stretched and breathed deeply and oddly enough, I started to feel better.I also joined the YMCA and swim two days a week. I try for three, but my goal was two and I’ve stuck with it. 
I’ve become more cognizant of my screen time and where my focus is. Working in social media and marketing has made this my most difficult resolution, but I’m trying to be more present and enjoy my life past the blue screen. 
And lastly, I decided that I want to experience something wonderful every day, every month and every year of my life. Perhaps, I’ve just been able to mine out a bit more gratitude for the things I already had? I’m not really sure, but I do know that something as simple as the smell of spring feels like a gift and I consider that a wonderful part of my day. 
We’d love for you to experience something wonderful this month! 
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