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Medway fifth grader launches next weather balloon

Max Kendall (orange shirt) is a fifth grader with a passion for weather balloons. He is now working on a fourth version with the Medway Balloon Society. Courtesy photo.

In 2021, we profiled Max Kendall, now a fifth grader, who started a club at the Medway Public Library to share his passion for weather balloons. To date, he has created and launched three weather balloons, the most recent in October; he is now creating a fourth with the Medway Balloon Society. 
For details about the flight, visit where you can hear Max’s full report on this experiment. 
“Overall, WB3 was a huge success,” Max tells his viewers on YouTube. 
According to his mother Jennifer, key features of WB3 included: 
• 103,000 ft. apogee / burst altitude
• New DragonTouch action cam for primary camera.
• “Love Letter to Earth” theme.
•3D printed, hand-painted Earth model.
• Sensor Readings: Humidity, Temperature, Pressure, Altitude, CO2
• Heating chamber for CO2 experiment
• LoRa electronic cut-down system to separate payload from cord when stuck in a tree.
• LoRa activated buzzer for helping to locate during recovery.
• 1000g balloon
• PiCamera facing upwards to capture footage of the balloon and parachute
• Yeast science experiment (successfully activated yeast after exposure to high altitude environment)
• Chia seeds experiment (ongoing)
• Scented putty experiment (lost some scent after high altitude exposure)
•Bubble wrap experiment (large bubbles popped, small bubbles stayed intact)
• Rubber band experiment (seemed undamaged/unaffected by cold/low-pressure)
• Improved flight prediction, fill procedure, and balloon led to accurate landing 5 min from home.