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Medway resident starts postcard business focusing on humor and history Collaborates with Medway Historical Commission to feature high school sports from early 1900s

Have you considered starting the year with sending a postcard to an old friend? Perhaps you’ve been meaning to drop a quick note to someone who might be feeling lonely, or maybe a note to a childhood friend (with a photo of them from high school)? 
If so, Medway resident Gregory Almont Green has the answer: - a service aimed at helping people restart the practice of sending and receiving postcards through the mail, especially to seniors living alone or in assisted living facilities. 
Green’s project was inspired by Dr. Hunter “Patch” Adams, the American physician, comedian, social activist, clown, author, founder of “Gesundheit! Institute,” and inspiration for the 1998 movie “Patch Adams” featuring Robin Williams (  Green says, “It is incredibly therapeutic to receive a funny postcard and laugh. It is therapeutic to share a joke with someone. It is therapeutic to write a short message and mail a funny postcard to someone. The whole process delivers therapeutic doses of laughter that are desperately needed. I’ve seen it work first hand and I’m doing this simply because it is something that can make a difference.” 
Green’s service includes a set of 12 funny postcards that arrive pre-stamped and ready to be addressed and sent to a friend within minutes. He has compiled over 400 short jokes that appear on cards designed to look like roadside signs with removable letters. 
Green says some of the jokes can “elicit a groan but it is still all in good fun” and notes each postcard is unique and “can be used to assess cognitive capability in a friendly and thoughtful manner.” 
Collaboration with Medway Historical Society  
Green is also working with the Medway Historical Society to create postcards that feature historic images in their collection. His first batch features individual players from Medway High School sports in the early 1900s. 
Green uses modern technology to zoom in on an individual so their face can be recognized on the front of the postcard, and information about the subject is listed on the back of the card. 
Proceeds from the sale of the historical postcards go to the Medway Historical Society and towards research on cognitive impairment. 
He is also working with Franklin and Plainville on similar projects. 
Seeking local display space 
Green says he is hoping to partner with local retail establishments who are willing to feature a rack of the postcards for purchase. 
For more information, contact Green at [email protected], or visit and
Individual postcards are $2 and $3 each, and each set of 12 funny postcards is $14.99 with free shipping and satisfaction guaranteed.