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Medway Master Plan Community Forum Open House on Oct 3

The Town of Medway is in Phase II of The Medway Master Plan, a 10-year vision and road map for Medway’s future. The Plan will be the foundational policy document for the Town, guiding local decisions about future growth, preservation, and change. 
Join the Medway Master Plan Committee for its second community-wide forum to learn more about the project and share your perspective.  This is an in-person, Open House Event and is free and open to the public. It will take place on Sunday, Oct. 3, from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. at Medway High School, 88 Summer Street. 
During the Open House, you will be given the opportunity to provide your input and make your voice heard in developing Medway’s master plan for the next ten years. You will have the opportunity to participate in some hands-on activities to learn about the results of the summer’s community engagement program and give your feedback helping the project team shape the next phase of the plan.
All are invited to attend multiple presentations form the Towns project consultant, JM Goldson to learn the results of this summer’s community survey and other engagement efforts.
Multiple children’s activities will be available during the presentations so all can attend. During the presentations your child(ren) will enjoy special story-time readings, coloring and henna tattoos! Refreshments will be available for all.  
Before you come to the Open House, think about:
• What makes Medway special? 
• What makes community members proud to be part of this community?
• What are the community’s greatest opportunities? 
• What are the greatest challenges? 
More information on a Master Plan 
One of the statutory responsibilities of a Massachusetts municipal planning board is to establish the community’s master plan.  In 1999 and again in 2009, the Planning and Economic Development Board adopted a master plan; those plans were subsequently affirmed by Town Meeting.  The plans have been used over the past 20 years to guide the Town’s planning and zoning initiatives.
Updating a local master plan is an essential way to understand forces that are shaping the built and natural environment, to envision a desired future for a community, and to identify priorities and develop specific strategies for implementation.
The project begins with an examination of existing conditions to identify issues and opportunities for seven primary elements: 1) land use; 2) open space and recreation; 3) natural resources; 4) housing; 5) economic development; 6) cultural and historical resources; 7) municipal services and facilities; and 8) transportation.
 The Town will also consider community environmental and fiscal sustainability and resilience in the master plan. The Master Plan will integrate and build upon the Town’s recent planning work to establish a meaningful vision and develop strategies that are realistic and fiscally responsible.
The process of developing a master plan allows the community to understand the forces shaping the town’s built environment, identify desired futures for the community, and select effective strategies to achieve the community’s vision and goals. 

To this end, the Planning and Economic Development Board has established a Master Plan Committee (MPC). It includes representatives of various Town boards and committees, local organizations, and citizens at large. Committee members have been appointed for a two-year term. To learn more about this project, visit For more information about the Town’s MPC: