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MDP for Men Local CVS Stores Lead the Way with Revolutionary Product for Men

By Jane Lebak


CVS now featuring a new product for a problem no one wants to talk about: unpredictable light bladder leakage for men.
MDP (Male Drip Protection) is a revolutionary super-absorbent sleeve designed to be worn directly on the male anatomy. MDP’s developer, Ian Heyman, says, “Twelve million men in America experience light incontinence for reasons including prostate problems, kidney issues, or even Crohn’s disease. For too many men, this leakage gets in the way of an active life.” 
Ian developed MDP after he witnessed his father’s embarrassment at the occasional wet spot. “There was nothing on the market to help my Dad, so I designed and patented an anatomically conforming solution for men.”
Although the product was previously sold only through, high demand has brought it to local CVS shelves. “We’re excited that CVS recognizes the innovation MDP brings to the men’s incontinence market,” says Ian. “These MetroWest locations will be the first stores in the country to offer MDP products.”
MDP is light, flexible, and discreet. Its design permits it to flex with the anatomy while men are working, walking, lifting, or sitting. “When it comes to bladder leakage, some men don’t tell anyone what they’re dealing with, not even their wives,” Ian says. “Light incontinence is more than just a laundry problem. It’s a quality-of-life problem, but one that is absolutely solvable.”
Ian developed the product in consultation with doctors, prostate support groups, and several expert designers. Although there are plenty of guards and shields on the market, the challenge in designing a man’s incontinence product was the variability of the male anatomy. 
“A man’s anatomy changes size and position many times throughout the day,” says Ian. “Everything else for men functions as a shield that attaches to the clothes. A man’s product needs to attach to his body to accommodate changes immediately as they occur.”
MDP achieves exactly that, fitting like an absorbent sock right onto the male anatomy, then staying secure using two straps with variable zones of elasticity. 
Although MDP features four functional layers, it’s as thin as  a pantyliner, and also feels like silk. “Once a man learns to secure it, MDP stays in place for as long as he needs it.”
This made-in-the USA product features an innermost layer comprised of a silklike nonwoven fabric, the softest available for hygiene products. “The male anatomy is extremely sensitive,” says Ian. “Our product needed to be ultra-soft where it comes in contact with the anatomy.” 
The second layer channels fluid away from the body. This keeps the user dry and prevents skin irritation.
The third layer is the absorbent core, trapping the fluid until the wearer is ready to dispose of the product. Enclosing it all is the fourth layer, a poly-barrier that is breathable for comfort but prevents any leakage from escaping.
The side panels have variable zones of elasticity that instantly adapt to changes in shape, size, and position. Finally, the two hook-and-loop straps ensure MDP is a self-adjusting product that the man doesn’t have to think about.
Put all together, the MDP product is comfortable, breathable, and much more discreet than a bulky guard or ineffective shield. “This is the first product of its kind,” says Ian. “It’s invisible to the wearer, and it’s invisible to everyone else, too.” 
That very invisibility was a primary concern to all the test-users and early adopters. “There’s an embarrassment factor that makes men not want to talk about this,” says Ian. “But there should be no stigma in taking care of your body.”
With its bold logo and black and gold packaging, MDP’s sleek box stands apart in the aisle of bulky incontinence products.  Ian says, “I’ve met men who try to make do with paper towels and a rubber band, but men deserve better. They deserve to take their wives out for dinner and trust they won’t have to hurry home. They deserve to cut the grass, go golfing, or see their grandkids, all with the security of knowing they’ll stay dry and comfortable.”
Comfortable, secure, dry, and discreet...that’s what MDP delivers. MDP is available on shelves now at CVS in Millis, Wrentham, Millbury, North Kingstown, and four other locations. For more information or to have MDP shipped discreetly to your door, visit today.