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Quality Cleaners: Dependable, Adaptable and Excellent!

By Dave Pasquantonio
Quality Cleaners, located at 969 Main Street in Millis, has been a mainstay in town for decades. Quay Vuong bought the business in 2017 and has grown to love the community as much as the community loves his service.
Quality Cleaners had to adapt to survive the pandemic’s devastating toll on small businesses. And adapt they did. They now offer free, contactless pickup and delivery to towns up to 20 miles away. They keep their storefront clean and welcoming while offering every precaution to keep their customers safe. They use the most eco-friendly cleaning agents to treat garments with respect and make them last longer. They’ve eliminated plastic bags. And they continue to provide top-notch service from start to finish.
A customer recently said that Quay doesn’t merely clean clothes—he manages expectations. When your customers think of you as a partner making their lives better, you’re doing something right.
Quality Cleaners uses cutting-edge technology to make transactions ridiculously easy. The team affixes a tiny bar code to each garment to track it along with all of the other items in the customer’s order so that everything is ready at the same time. Customers even get a text letting them know that their items are ready for pickup or that their scheduled delivery is on its way.
Quay looks to a garment’s care tag for the initial sort. “I don’t like to go rogue,” he says. But sometimes consumers remove the tags—or sometimes the care tags themselves are incorrect—and that’s where experience kicks in. It’s another reason why customers trust Quality Cleaners.
Dry cleaning isn’t done dry—clothes are soaked in a solvent instead of in water. It’s the best way to get rid of oils, plus some garments can be harmed by cleaning with water. At Quality Cleaners, the days of using perchloroethylene—“perc”—for dry cleaning are long gone. Instead, they use hydrocarbons, leading-edge additives that are safe and gentle (and excellent at removing oils and stains).
However, natural cleaning agents also increase the need to treat spots and stains before the cleaning. Quay has a dozens of bottles of pre-cleaning stain removal formulations to treat even the harshest of blemishes.
“Take a coffee stain,” Quay says. “There are several components in that one stain: coffee, sugar, dairy. Many off-the-shelf spot removers can’t handle those stains.” Quality Cleaners can.
Other items are wet cleaned—washed with detergents and additives in specialized machinery. Still others, like button-down shirts, are destined for the laundry, while some garments are handwashed with dedicated additives and a lot of care and time.
So, why bring your clothes to a cleaner? Take ironing. It’s a simple task, but it can take forever, plus some items are too big to iron at home (and it’s really hard to get that snappy pants crease).
Quality Cleaners uses a press system with a vacuum in the ironing board to prevent the garment from moving. They know when to apply steam, when to apply heat, and when to let the garment cool (the secret to that snappy pants crease!)
Back to that question: why bring your clothes to Quality Cleaners?
Because they’re dedicated, they innovate, they save you time, and they extend the life of your garments. They’ll come to you. Your clothes will look way better than if you clean them yourself. And when change comes knocking, you know that Quality Cleaners will be ready.
Quality Cleaners is open Mondays and Thursdays 8a-5p, Tuesdays and Fridays 1p-5p, Wednesdays 8a-4p, and Saturdays 9a-4p. Give them a call at (508) 376-9100 or visit them at