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Medway Community Farm update

Jan Gardner is another experienced volunteer as treasurer and newsletter editor for non-profits, has worked as an office manager for a dental practice and brings her gardening and design expertise to farm.

When people think of a community farm and what it means to the community, most will think of the farm store, possibly the CSA opportunities and, of course, the Farmer. While these are all parts of the community farm, here at Medway Community Farm they consider volunteers as an integral part of the success of the Farm. 

Susan Houde, an early education administrator and teacher, is also not a stranger to volunteering. She has been involved with Medway Pop Warner and Medway Grid Iron.


Farming is very labor intensive, with many moving parts and without the help and participation of volunteers it would be impossible. Medway Community Farm has a Board of Directors that is made up of entirely volunteers, but they are just one cog in the wheel. Volunteers help plant seeds, weed planting beds, fix farm equipment, help to build greenhouses or tool sheds. You can volunteer to help out at an event, seasonal clean-up days or help out with harvesting. No matter what time or talent you have to offer there is a place for you at the farm.

The Master Gardeners donate their time and expertise to help supply the food bank with fresh produce. The Medway Community Farm has been able to provide over 4000 pounds of produce to the food bank and a local family shelter this past season. Without the volunteers to plant, weed and harvest, the produce might not have been able to be shared. 

Medway Community Farm has continued to partner with Medway Community Education, a department of the public schools, to offer classes for both adults and children. Most of these classes are run by volunteers, so as you can tell, there is a space for everyone. 

The Town of Medway has been generous with their help over the years in getting storage, help with digging trenches and providing fill. The Farm truly is a community undertaking.

The Farm welcomes all and wants all to know that no matter your talent, your time can always be utilized and is so very appreciated. Introducing new members of the Board of Directors is a wonderful task and they have three new additions: 

These people have been welcomed onto the Board and there is always room for more. Carol Collord, the President of Medway Community Farm, said that the various committees of Medway Community Farm are seeking community members. If you would like to volunteer, Collord noted that community members could email [email protected] with their interest. In addition, volunteer opportunities are posted on their web page, in their newsletter and Facebook page. Please, don’t feel as if you don’t have anything to offer because at Medway Community Farm, they are a big family and we all can use the support of family.

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