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Medway Agricultural Commission Photo Contest

1st Prize: Adam Ellis – Steer in Close Up ‘Wonderful composition and beautiful lighting. Excellent B&W conversion retaining excellent darks and shadows, as well as beautiful texture of the subject’s fur. Light in the steer’s eyes is lovely and makes for a soulful image. Background is well-suited for this mood also, offering little distraction from the subject of the photograph.

The Medway Agricultural Commission, in association with the Medway Cultural Council, held its First Annual Photography Contest ending October 8, 2020.  With more than 30 submissions, judging resulted in three winners: Congratulations to the 3 prize winners!  The 1st place prize goes to Adam Ellis for his photo of a steer up close!  The 2nd place prize goes to Lorie Brownell for her photo of birds and plowing!  The 3rd place prize goes to Mary Weafer for her photo of a sunflower blossoming in color!

2nd Prize: Lorie Brownell – Birds & Plowing ‘Wonderful dynamic storytelling image with the exposition of diligent earth focused working farmer oblivious to and contrasted against a flock of birds taking to the air. Good color capture of blue sky, green/brown earth, and colorful tractor.’


3rd Prize: Mary Weafer – Sunflower Blossoming ‘Nicely composed and set against additional sunflowers, adding depth to the photograph. Utilizes a vibrant and warm burst of color enhanced by the charm of a ladybug. Lighting is even and lovely offering goof definition for each petal.’


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