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Millis Senior Center November 2020

The Millis Senior Center is located at 900 Main Street on the ground floor of the Veterans Memorial building. The Center is open Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday  9:00-4   Wednesday  9-2   Fridays 9-12:30. For more information call (508) 376-7051

Regular Events: Have been postponed until further notice. 

 Coffee Chat with Becky Grab your favorite cozy beverage and join the Coffee Chat Zoom meeting to discuss any and all things related to outreach! We can talk about accessing local resources, applying for Fuel Assistance or even brainstorm ways we can help out our community. Bring your questions and ideas on Tuesday, January 5th and January 19th @ 10am for a lively discussion. You must preregister for this event. Call the COA and provide your email address to get the Zoom link.

Game Time with Becky Let’s play virtual Scattergories on Friday, January 15th at 11:00. I’ll pick a letter and you come up with an Animal, Place, Name and Thing that begins with that letter. Fastest unique responses win's a bookmark! Preregister by calling the Center with your email address.

Pen Pal Program The COA is partnering with the Recreation Department to bring back the Sunshine Club! So often our snail mail is only bills and advertisements. Wouldn’t it be nice to receive a card or note from a local family who would like to spread some cheer in the community? Sign-up to join this program at the COA. The Recreation Department will match a senior with one of their volunteer families. Your privacy will be protected, with all mail coming through the COA first and then distributed to participants. This program will begin February 1st and continue through the end of March. Any questions? Call Becky

BLOOD PRESSURE CHECKS  Thursday, January 7th and 21st from 11:00-11:30   Appointment only. Please call the Center when you arrive for your appointment. To ensure everyone’s safety, we will meet you in the parking lot and do a temperature check and verbal wellness screening before you enter the Center. 

DRIVE THROUGH BREAD AND PASTRY—Every Thursday from 10-10:30. No sign-up required.   No contact.  We will have tables set up in the rear of the building. Come in via Park Rd (please do not drive through parking lot) and tables will be on Park St. Stay in your vehicle. We will ask you what you would like, and a staff member will bring you the baked goods. Leftover goodies will be delivered to Housing around 11:00.

TRADER JOES FREE FLOWER and PUZZLE GIVEAWAY   Tuesday, January 12th and 26th from 2:00-2:30. No sign-up required   Outside in rear parking lot on Park Street. Masks and 5 ft social distancing required.  

Fitness Room : 

 · Will follow Town Hall entry guidelines above 

· 4 person capacity in the room at one time

· Call ahead for reservation to ensure room is not over capacity

· Masks required for entry to Senior Center

· You must have a verbal wellness screening and a temperature check upon arrival

· Please keep 14 feet distance between others at all times

· Wipe every machine down after use with provided wipes 

TRANSPORTATION:  Medical and Shopping only 

 · Limited hours 8-1. Monday - Thursday only Verbal wellness screening upon transportation booking  

· Please take your temperature at home prior to trip. Any temperature 100.4 F or greater is considered a fever, please reschedule.

· Temperature checks and verbal wellness screening of all passengers upon pick-up 

· 3 passengers on van 3 per trip. 2 passengers on van 1. 1 passenger in vehicle.

· Riders are to sit separately

· Masks required for all passengers and driver. 

· We will clean and disinfect commonly touched surfaces in the vehicle at the end of each shift and between transporting passengers.


 · All requests for appointments will be given instructions regarding policies and a verbal health screening at the time of booking.

· Appointment only basis. Please take your temperature prior to coming into the Center. Any temperature 100.4 F or greater is considered a fever, please reschedule.

· Residents arrive for their program through the ramp entry only. Mask required.

· Please arrive at your scheduled time and call (508) 376-7051. A staff member will unlock the door and escort you into the building. We cannot allow you in until your scheduled time. Please do not arrive earlier. 

· Temperature checks and verbal wellness screening will be administrated to all visitors by front desk staff.

·  Only one person allowed at receptionist desk at a time. 

· All residents, employees, town hall staff, and vendors are required to sign-in at the My Senior Center database for contact tracing requirements.

· Mandatory use of sanitizing station before and after use of MSC database is required.

· All persons, including employees, residents, and vendors, should remain at least six feet apart to the greatest extent possible, both inside and outside workplaces. 

· Drop in  room is closed. 

FACE COVERINGS : Required For Entry

· Must cover the nose and mouth are required for all employees and persons entering town buildings. 

· If in a common area, i.e., the hallway, lunchroom, computer room, rest room, you must wear a face covering at all times.

· For Staff: In an isolated office, you do not need to wear a face covering in your office. You must wear a face covering once you leave the office.

Upcoming Events Near You

No Events in the next 21 days.