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Medway Community Farm Finds Ways to Grow During Covid

Children participating in Medway Community Farm’s summer programs worked with members of the Massachusetts Master Gardeners to harvest food for the food pantry.

Medway Community Farm, like most local farms, had to be creative with planned activities this year. Summer programs and workshops were either cancelled or reduced in size and frequency. MCF usually runs well enrolled summer programs/workshops and they didn’t want to give up completely with their community programs. Christina Krebs and Lauren Hofer, along with dedicated volunteers, were able to run smaller programs that were very well received. They are continuing to offer small one day programs that people love as it gets the children outside in the fresh air, moving around and learning. Quite a few of their summer programs taught about farming, harvesting and weeding as well as the goats and chickens (always a big hit). The kids helped the Massachusetts Master Gardeners with harvesting of the beds for the food pantry, learning not only about the food itself but the fact that it was helping other families in need. They recognized that we are all in this together, and they were able to see how any one of them could make a difference. They harvested, washed and boxed the produce ready for the farm to deliver to the food pantry. The children were always willing and ready to help anyone at the farm with even the smallest tasks. Medway Community Farm has at its core education about the farm and the impact on the land, town, people and beyond. These children will have great memories of learning that you can pull up a radish, rinse it and eat it all within 5 minutes. Can’t get any fresher. They will have a better understanding of where their food comes from other than the plastic wrapped items found at the local supermarket. They have learned that the farmers spend long days working to produce what we consume, and it is work they are proud of. They are providing a service to the community and doing what they love. The farm recently had workshops on stick fort building.

 The Medway Community Farm recently held a workshop on stick fortbuilding. Children learned the basics and worked as a team to build one of their designs.

Who doesn’t love a fort? The kids were taught the basics and went into the woods to build, each one was individual even though it required more than one builder, so they cooperated and came up with a building that they built together. The second session of this program added safe fire starting, all skills you should know. The Farm’s most recent offering is toddler time. This is a mommy and me sort of program where little ones and their parent can come to enjoy a few hours at the farm getting to be with the animals in the fresh air. This too has been well received. The farm has continued its community feel as much as was possible with the Covid restrictions. People have been able to order their produce on-line and pick it up curbside at the Farm Store. During the summer when the Store was open more hours, you could go in and pick out your own. Every safety precaution was undertaken and people were patient and more than willing to wait their turn. They hosted The Cousins Lobster truck along with TC Scoops for a day at the farm. This introduced many people to the Farm that were not aware of its existence. Even though State requirements were stringent, everyone understood and followed the directions in order to traverse the farm safely. So, with a new year approaching, keep your eye out for happenings at the farm, it appears there is always something happening. Visit
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