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Editor's Corner

The volunteers do it every week. Every week, someone buys supplies. Every week, an assembly line of sandwiches gets made, and donations get collected. Every week, volunteers from Medway, Millis and Holliston gather in the parking lot of St. Joseph’s in Medway to load up their vehicles and make their way into Boston. Every week, the lines of people living on the streets of Boston are there, waiting and hoping – for a good meal and someone to talk to.

Latest Articles

Ready for Retirement? Find out… at the next Medway Business Council Meeting

On February 20th, MBC will have their meeting at the Charles River Bank in Medway. Tom Cern, Vice President/Director of Financial Services will give a presentation on “Retirement Plan Options and Strategies for the Small Business Owner”
Some of the topics to be discussed:
-Which one would be the best option for me?
-What dates do I need to be aware of?
-What are the Investment options available under each plan?
-Government guidelines for each option.
-Contribution limits
-Contribution Requirements as an employer to each plan.

Medway Pop Warner Begins Registration March 1st Opens Cheer Program Up to Interested Millis Girls

The season might not start until the fall, but Medway Pop Warner Football and Cheer will actually begin its registrations on March 1st, according to Marcia Pereira, Secretary on the Board of Directors of Medway Pop Warner. The organization held an informational event on January 26th at St. Joseph’s Parish Center.
If you missed it, don’t worry. “We’ll also have other registration events,” says Pereira, adding that those events will be posted at the Medway Pop Warner website,

Medway Pop Warner to Hold Info. Night Jan. 26

Medway and Millis Players and Cheerleaders Welcome

Medway Pop Warner Football and Cheer will be holding an
informational event at St Joseph's Parish Center, January 26th from 1:30-4 p.m.
Board members will be on hand to answer questions. There will be food, activities and we are raffling off a big screen TV and an XBox One. Medway
Pop Warner invites Millis residents to join us at the event. Interested
Millis cheerleaders are welcome to cheer for Medway Pop Warner and their siblings are welcome to play football for Medway.