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Millis-Medway Scenery
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Editor's Corner

It started out as an idea to raise money for the Medway300 Committee, to help pay for tercentennial events in the town. Andy Parchesky and his wife, Chris, impressed by large-scale yard sales they saw in New Hampshire and other places, thought that Medway residents could clean out their closets, band together and raise a few dollars for a cause. Three years ago, about 130 people signed up. For $10, their yard sale would be listed on a map for bargain hunters that would be sold for a $1 donation. The event raised over $2,000 that first year.

Latest Articles

Layne Cassidy - Back on Court with Millis Girls’ Basketball

Last fall during a soccer game against Norton, Millis’ Layne Cassidy had her feet cut out from underneath her, resulting in serious injury. The then junior knew that her playing days on the soccer field were numbered, but never expected the injury to linger too far into the basketball season. The year prior the Mohawks had advanced into the Division 4 South Girls Basketball Championship game only to lose to Greater New Bedford, and Cassidy and her teammates were looking to return to the championship game with different results.