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Editor's Corner

Last month, on February 23, Alex Lent joined the Millis Public Library as its new Director.
Alex comes to Millis from his most recent position as Interim Director of Medfield Library, where he has added toys, tools, games, and musical instruments to the circulating collection, and won a grant for a 3D printer.

Latest Articles

Medway Co-op Swim Emerges with Strong Swimmers this Year

The Medway Co-op swim team was only able to pick up one victory last winter, but since the team’s numbers nearly doubled this season (going from 26-40) the squad is currently sitting atop the Tri-Valley League with an undefeated 6-0 record.
“We’re a little better this year because of the quality of swimmers that have joined our team. We really didn’t anticipate the number of kids that came out,” Assistant Coach Ryan Camire (from Medway) said. “Once we began to put our lineup together, I knew that we had a chance to seriously compete in the c league.”

Millis Uses Co-op Plan To Create Winter Sports Opportunities

Millis High continues to be pro-active in forming sports teams by using the co-op plan.
Five years ago, the Mohawks became pioneers of the process by joining forces with Hopedale to save its struggling football program, which barely had enough candidates to continue the sport. Diminished numbers became a thing of the past as Millis quickly attracted students from Hopedale.

Hurry and Enter Medway Pride Day 2015 Logo Contest!

Medway Pride Day will be held May 16th, so now is the time to get in touch with your inner artist and design the official logo for Medway Pride Day 2015. This contest is open to all residents of Medway – children and adults alike. The winner will receive a button featuring the winning design.
Here’s what you need to know:
The design MUST be a logo rather than a drawing. A logo is a symbol or an emblem.
The logo MUST contain “Medway Pride Day” and “2015”


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