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Editor's Corner

In accordance with Federal Law, IDEA and Massachusetts Law 603CMR28.00, the Millis Public Schools provides special education programs designed to meet the needs of children who are attending not only public schools but also those who are attending private school at private expense and whose parents reside in Millis.
Millis provides all children with an opportunity to participate in the public schools programs using a continuous and systematic effort to identify children in need of special education services.

Latest Articles

Release from Millis Police Department Regarding Possible Shooter

Yesterday afternoon, members of the Millis Police Department, along with police from surrounding towns and the State Police, responded to Forest Road for the report of shots being fired into a Millis Police cruiser being operated by a part-time town officer, or what is called a permanent intermittent officer. The cruiser then went off the road and caught on fire.

Millis Softball, from Tired to Tourney

It wasn’t too long ago that Millis was the patsy on everyone’s schedule and laughing stock of the Tri-Valley League; a team that everyone looked forward to playing because they were an automatic win. Four years ago, Millis Athletic Director Chuck Grant hired RJ Maturo to take the helm of the Mohawk softball team in hopes of turning the program around; little did he know that his new coach would awaken a sleeping giant.

Town Employees Get Training They Hope to Never Use

Millis Town Hall Workers Prepare for Violent Intruder Scenarios

On July 10, Millis town employees took some training beyond the general requirements of their jobs. In an effort to prepare town employees in the same way emergency personnel and school employees have been prepared, nearly all of the workers at the Veteran’s Memorial Building underwent a Violent Intruder Scenario Based Training, presented by Synergy Solutions, an emergency management company founded by Medway Police’s Jay Brennan, and assisted by the Millis Fire and Police Departments. Sgt. Chris Soffayer, a Millis Police officer, organized the event.