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Editor's Corner

What do parents do when they find their child has a penchant for sports, or music? A natural assumption might be to sign that child up, but for children of limited financial means, the fees or cost of equipment put honing that natural talent just out of reach. The potential remains just a dream.
One Millis Mom aims to level the playing field a bit for children of low to moderate-income families that cannot afford to register their children in such programs. Deanna Daniels has recently begun So Much Potential ( for Norfolk County area kids, to provide:

Latest Articles

Through His Lens, a Unique View of Millis’ Back Yard

George Trumbour III to Share His Wildlife Photography in Fundraising Calendar for Millis Library

George Trumbour, III gets up early, before sunrise and before the mist has cleared. By eight or nine o’clock in the morning, he’s already been out to “play,” as he puts it. The nature photographer arises when woodland critters are most active and people aren’t, quietly skirting habitat by foot and canoe, hidden in camouflage clothing to blend into the natural surroundings of easily accessible marsh and lands he’s gotten permission to peruse. The result pays off.

New Family, New Friends, New Business at Choate Park

If you’ve been to Choate Park this summer, you might’ve seen a food truck parked near the playground. That’s no out-of-towner. The One Cup of Coffee food coach is operated by the young DeCruz family – Medway residents William and Michelle, proud parents to young Gabriel as well as brand new baby Giovanna. The couple has been operating their food truck for almost three years, focusing on a number of venues in Milford, but when they moved to Medway, Choate Park was where they wanted to be.

Local Archeologist Helps Bring Us Back in Time

PBS Series “Time Team America” to Air This Month, Sneak Preview at Millis Library

How do you get the general public excited about science, and history?
These days, you give them a prime time reality TV show.
Dr. Meg Watters-Wilkes, Millis resident and archeologist, was part of a team that brings the modern day tools of archeology to the forefront. The second season of their PBS series, “Time Team America,” four episodes filmed in 2012, will air back-to-back from 9-11 p.m. on the last two Tuesdays in August. Watters-Wilkes’ team takes viewers to four different U.S. sites, uncovering details which piece together stories of people in past civilizations.


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